Sustainability and Lüneburg belong together

Corporate activism, consumer expectations and communication in the push for sustainability were just some of the discussions that could be heard throughout the city of Lüneburg and the University of Leuphana in the middle of September.  It was difficult to pass through the halls of the institute or walk on the streets without hearing conversations about what is happening in research, challenges and what lies ahead.  Luckily, I had the opportunity to be involved in this whirlwind of experts and young professionals.

„New Challenges in the Age of Digitalization and Disinformation“ was the theme for the 6th International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication Conference.  Previously held in Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden, to name a few, Leuphana University was the first German host to this conference which addressed the pressing questions of corporate social responsibility communication.

LUNEBURG bauhaus1 uai

Lüneburg was a perfect setting for a stimulating academic exchange of guests from around the world.  The connection of the university’s mission of CSR with the city was evitable to see.  Through the use of solar energy for street lamps, recycling rain water for flushing toilets and the promotion of bicycling and public transportation, no matter what street corner you turned it was apparent that CSR communication was in action.

I met doctoral students in the field of CSR from different countries

A part of the four-day event was the two-day session for providing doctoral students in the field of CSR and Corporate Communication to discuss their dissertation research with fellow students and leading academics. Renowned scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds provided individual assistance to the students along with workshops in publishing and analysis.  I had the privilege to partake in these sessions.  To say it was inspirational and motivating would not be touching the tip of the iceberg of the benefits I received from attending.  Being in the surroundings of others who have the same interest as you as well as doctoral struggles was comforting.  To bounce off ideas and to receive their critical feedback was one of the many bonuses I brought home with me.

The Footprint of Communication

This is the footprint of communication I mean in the title of this blog.  The footprints I saw of communication throughout the city to promote the importance of sustainability.  The footprints of communication that was done at the conference through discussions, workshops and after hours at the local pub on a topic that is at the very heart of society’s constantly accelerating process of transformation.  And the footprint of communication that was left on me through the connections I made and the guidance I received.

So now it is time I put this advisement into use and prepare to share my progress next year at the 7th International CSR Communication Conference in Bath, England.