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Globalization –

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Globalization –

Where is the World Economy Moving?
East West Forum 2022
6. März 2023
The East West Forum opened the floor again to discussion and awareness on topics affecting the world today.  On November 8, 2022, The University of Applied Sciences Mittweida welcomed presenters and guests from the areas of academics, government and the corporate world to participate on a platform on a topic that has the world rethinking their game plan.

What is Re-globalization?

This question was asked and discussed quite often before the Forum. Which brought to our attention it was important to discuss. As defined by Benedikter, Gruber and Kofler in 2022:
Re-Globalization examines the changing face of globalization, with political, economic, and social balances in flux, and tensions increasing in many parts of the globe.

from Re-Globalization: New Frontiers of Political, Economic, and Social Globalization
by Roland Benedikter, Mirjam Gruber, Ingrid Kofler

And this was exactly what the world was, and still is, going through.

The first East West Forum in 2021 started the motion of discussing what is affecting us in this day and age and how is it being dealt with around the world. The aim of the East West Forum is to provide an international platform to gain new insights on economic topics and at the same time to establish international relations as well as strengthen existing one. This motion continued in 2022.

In late winter 2022, the East West Forum team sat down to discuss ideas for the second forum. As the team pondered different ideas, we realized we kept talking about what was affecting us now: the pandemic, war, energy crisis, inflation… These were issues not only we were discussing daily but around the world as well. How were we dealing with the changes… but also how was the world dealing with the changes. This is where the inception of the 2022 East West Forum began. How are we as citizens, companies, ect dealing with this changing time and where is it heading?

The Development of the Forum

As the wheels began churning, full of ideas, it was a consensus that we needed many perpectives of all areas (governmental, academic, corporations) and from different areas of the world. Thanks to digitalization, we were able to make it happen.

Experts in different fields and different parts of the world were contacted in requesting their participation in the Forum. Through many phone calls, emails and personal meetings we were able to put together our key presenters for the event.

The Role I Played

What a team! I had the great opportunity to play a large role in the planning this event with colleagues and students. Each team member put on their hat and took care of what needed to be done. A key to why the team was so strong... communication.

Yes, changes had to be made along the way. For example, when some presenters had to, at the last minute, do it online or a cancellation of a guest speaker. Learning from EW Forum 2021 and from life, always have a plan B.

There is also a lot that goes into preparing a Forum. The organization of presenters, the content, the time regulations, the cultural differences, the review of powerpoints and content that is submitted. For example, does the content oft he presenter match the aim of the Forum? Is it within the time frame? On a personal note, what you learn while organizing such an event, is an excellent experience and one I recommend that each person should take part in. It is the opportunity to see behind the scenes what it takes to put an event into action. You are challenged in learning flexibility and how to deal with unexpectencies as well as the growth you get in organizational skills and abilities.

Is it a bit exhausting? Yes.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

The Big Night

Studio B, an event room with studio technology at the Mittweida University, opened it’s doors that evening to presenters and guests from all over. To get the hybrid event started and the viewers motivated, impulse presentations and lightening talks were given by seven experts in the field. For example, reglobalization in the work force, supply chains, and international relations.

Dr. Sam Greene, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA was the first keynote speaker. He presented on what investments look like in the era of re-globalization. From the area of sports, politics, social media and even Elon Musk. The second keynote speaker that joined online from the University of Northern Macedonia was Prof. Dr. Nano Ruzin. He presented to the audience the importance of enhancing European cooperation during re-globalization. The input of the nine presenters brought great energy to the last part of the evening, the panel discussion. Unfortunately, the allocated 50 minutes for the discussion was not long enough. The panelists and the audience shared experiences, opinions and possible solutions to the issues affecting us through re-globalization. This continued even after the cameras were off. Students speaking with the presenters giving and receiving new perspectives.

Prof. Dr. Nano Ruzin from University of Northern Macedonia participated online.
The seats in the event room Studio B were well filled, but the online audience was even bigger.
We had too much to talk about for a 50 minute discussion.

The Take Away

Reflection is always a mindful thing to do. Taking time to look back and evaluate the event.

So here are my take aways from the Forum.

  1. Comradery – I had the opportunity again to be involved in the organization and to moderate the event. As I observed the guests who came from different cultures and different lines of work, they all had the same vision. What can we do to make things better? From events planned before and after the Forum, it was inspiring to see how much energy everyone had in sharing and learning from each other. It was contagious. People helping people.
  2. Discussions are key – the panel discussion could have lasted all evening. This goes back to the point of communication. To ask, to share, to listen, to observe. Definitely scheduling more time for the next EW Forum panel discussion.
  3. Team work – wonderful things can be achieved through having motivated, innovative and supportive people. We all pulled up our sleeves and got to work. Sharing ideas, showing up and supporting others in times of need.

Actually, looking at these three take aways are also keypoints that are helpful in re-globalization.

My take aways from the Forum are also keypoints of re-globalization: comradery, discussions are key and team work.

What is Planned for 2023?

Definitely, this discussion has not ended. As stated as one of the goals from the EW Forum 2021, was to bring awareness and get the flow of discussion started. To listen to what is going on, the effects, the challenges and how these issues are being dealt with, helps us to better understand and support in finding solutions. A lot of it comes down again to communication. And this forum gives the platform for this to happen.

What is planned for the EW Forum 2023… stay tuned… I will keep you posted.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar (University of Applied Sciences Nysa) was in the audience before taking part in the discussion.
Prof. Dr. Frank Schumann (HS-Mittweida) during the lightning talks
View of the live stream technology during the opening by Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmalfuß

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